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We advocate for our clients in courtrooms around the world together with an alliance of thousands of lawyers.

We advocate for our clients in courtrooms around the world together with an alliance of thousands of lawyers.

Päivi Räsänen: Finland

Meet the grandmother and Member of Parliament who never thought she'd face criminal charges for sharing her deeply held beliefs in public.

Bhavna*: India

Bhavna*, a young mother in Jharkhand, India, is seeking justice after facing violence simply for giving birth to a daughter instead of a son.

Maira*: Pakistan

Maira* was fourteen years old when she was forcibly married and “converted” from her Christian faith. She waits in hiding for her freedom to be won in court.
Yahaya, Sufi-Muslim musician

Challenging Blasphemy Laws: Nigeria

Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, a Nigerian Sufi musician, is bringing a challenge to the strict blasphemy law of Kano State, Northern Nigeria, under which he was previously sentenced to death, to the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
Reeha wearing orange

End Forced Marriage: Reeha Saleem

Reeha Saleem was 16 years old and in grade 8 when she was abducted by her neighbour. She was then "converted" from Christianity and forcibly married. She is awaiting justice from the court.

Pavica Vojnović: Germany

Pavica is challenging the German town of Pforzheim's decision to ban her "40 Days for Life Group" prayer vigils outside an abortion organisation.
Christian in front of flag

Christian Cortez Pérez: Mexico

Students should not fear for their careers when they voice their views in an academic setting.
Gabriel Quadri

Gabriel Quadri: Mexico

Mexican Congressman Gabriel Quadri has been labeled a political violator against women after expressing concern that men who identify as women have taken spaces in Congress reserved for women.

David Byle: Turkey

David Byle, a Christian evangelist living in Turkey, was forced to leave the country where he lived for 19 years – simply because he shared his faith.

Tom Mortier: Belgium

Tom is challenging the Belgian euthanasia law that took his mother's life at Europe's top court, in a case that could set a precedent across the continent.

Julia Rynkiewicz: United Kingdom

Julia Rynkiewicz faced suspension from midwifery studies and a 4-month fitness-to-practice investigation as a result of her involvement in pro-life society.

Vitaliy Bak: Russia

Pastor Bak is challenging the Russian authorities for prohibiting his church community from gathering to worship in his home.

Zavod ŽIVIM: Slovenia

Can state-owned service providers pull down ads that authorities decide they don’t like? In Slovenia, a state-owned bus company removed ads commissioned by the pro-life NGO Zavod ŽIV!M.

Kaluga Church: Russia

A Christian church is challenging Russian authorities at the European Court of Human Rights for seizing the congregation’s property and leaving the community to gather outside in a tent.
Shagufta und Shafqat

Shagufta and Shafqat: Pakistan

The Pakistani Christian couple Shagufta and Shafqat languished on death row for seven years on false blasphemy charges. Their death sentence was overturned in June 2021. They are now safe in Europe.

Let Us Worship: Uganda

Ugandan people of faith celebrated this September as the nation-wide ban on public worship was lifted after 96 days.

Pastors Tonchev and Kiryakov: Bulgaria

Two Bulgarian pastors are standing up against a scaremongering campaign by their local government to label all non-Eastern Orthodox Christians as sects and warn children off against them.

Andreas Kersten: Germany

In Berlin, the pharmacist Andreas Kersten continues to be prosecuted for acting in line with his conscience.

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