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We advocate for our clients in courtrooms around the world together with an alliance of thousands of lawyers.

Päivi Räsänen: Finland

Meet the grandmother and Member of Parliament who never thought she'd face criminal charges for sharing her deeply held beliefs in public.

Bhavna*: India

Bhavna*, a young mother in Jharkhand, India, is seeking justice after facing violence simply for giving birth to a daughter instead of a son.

Maira*: Pakistan

Maira* was fourteen years old when she was forcibly married and “converted” from her Christian faith. She waits in hiding for her freedom to be won in court.

Kika Nieto: Colombia

Are we allowed to share Christian views on social media? The Constitutional Court will have to answer this question for the people of Columbia.

Pavica Vojnović: Germany

Pavica is challenging the German town of Pforzheim's decision to ban her "40 Days for Life Group" prayer vigils outside an abortion organisation.

David Byle: Turkey

David Byle, a Christian evangelist living in Turkey, was forced to leave the country where he lived for 19 years – simply because he shared his faith.

Pavez vs Chile: Latin America

A landmark case will soon determine whether the decisions of parents should be respected when it comes to the religious education of their children.

Tom Mortier: Belgium

Tom is challenging the Belgian euthanasia law that took his mother's life at Europe's top court, in a case that could set a precedent across the continent.

Julia Rynkiewicz: UK

Julia Rynkiewicz faced suspension from midwifery studies and a 4-month fitness-to-practice investigation as a result of her involvement in pro-life society.

Declan Ganley: Ireland

For almost a year, Irish churches faced a disproportionate ban, even while other public spaces were allowed to open. We're supporting freedom of worship in court.

Vitaliy Bak: Russia

Pastor Bak is challenging the Russian authorities for prohibiting his church community from gathering to worship in his home.

Zavod ŽIVIM: Slovenia

Can state-owned service providers pull down ads that authorities decide they don’t like? In Slovenia, a state-owned bus company removed ads commissioned by the pro-life NGO Zavod ŽIV!M.